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General information

Distance: 42,8 km
Total Ascent: 2120 m+
Time limit: 9 hours
Start/Finish: Șuncuiuș, sports hall
Start: 8:00
Entry fee: 210 RON until 31.01.2024, 220 RON from 01.02.2024 until 28.02.2024, 240 RON from 01.03.2024 until 12.03.2024
Participants: 150 persons
Rewards: Those who finish within time limit receive an unique medal. The first three women and men will be awarded in the absolute category and in their category.




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About the race

Eco Bihor Primavera Trail Race is a mountain trail running competition organized by Xterra Sport Bihar SE. The competition is organized on three distances. A course of 42,8 km named „Marathon”, with an elevaton of 2120m+, a course of 16,2 km named „Cross”, with an elevation of 990 m+ and a course of 10,2 km going trough Misid Valley named „Wild”, with an elevation of 460 m+.

The start and finish will be in Suncuius, Bihor County, Romania.

All four courses follow forest roads and tourist paths that will be adequatly marked by the organizers before the competition. The official routes can change before the competition due to unforeseeable reasons, such as weather conditions.

Each competitor should follow the offcial route of the comptetion as well as the instructions of the organizers.


You can only participate on the marathon if you are more than 16, and you consider yourself healthy enough for the physical effor required by the competition.

If you are between 16 and 18 years you can only participate with the written consent of your parent (guardian or custodian). The consent should be signed by the parent (guardian or custodian) and should be handed to the organizers at the check in before the race, together with a copy of the identity card of the participant and the parent (guardian or custodian).

Participants of both distances should sign a declaration of personal responsibility, stating that they were informed about the regulation, they understand and accept the risks (physical, legal or any other) carried by the participation at the Primavera Trail Race.

Checking in for the competition can be done showing your valid identiy card. If someone cannot prove their personal identity, they cannot participate at the competiton.

Organizers can exclude from the participation at the race anyone who is under the influence of alcoholic drinks, drugs or other psychoactive drugs or anyone who shows visible signs of physical or mental fatigue or anyone not having adequate equipement.

Age groups

Wild Male Open; Wild Female Open

Wild Man 16 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49; 50 – 59; 60+

Wild Female  16 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49; 50 – 59; 60+


Cross Male Open; Cros Female Open

Cross Man 16 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49; 50 – 59; 60+

Cross Female 16 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49; 50 – 59; 60+


Marathon Man Open; Marathon Female Open 

Marathon Man 16 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49; 50 – 59; 60+

Marathon Female  16 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49; 50 – 59; 60+


The first three participants of categories with at least five participants will be awarded. If a category has less than 5 participants it will merged with the previous category.

Runners are kept track of using IC chips. The winner will be the participant who finishes the chosen distance in the shortest perioud of time.


Registration can be made only through our webshop! On the registration page, place the selected distance into the shopping cart. Fill in the form related to the cart and click on the "Confirm Purchase" button. After that, the sistem will direct you to the secure page of the EuPlătesc platform, wher you have to give the information of the credit card needed for the payment. You will receive a confirmation about the successful payment both from EuPlătesc and Primavera Trail Race. 
ATTENTION: The registration will be validated only after the payment of the registration fee! In case of unsuccessful payment, your registration data will be deleted, too! 

All participants must pay the following fees:  

Payment deadline Participation fee
Maraton Cross Wild
31.01.2024. 210 RON 140 RON 140 RON
28.02.2024. 220 RON 150 RON 150 RON
12.03.2024. 240 RON 170 RON 170 RON

Canceling or modifying participation

If a participant would likt to cancel their participation, they can do that via e-mail sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In this case unfortunately the participation fee cannot be returned. The name of the participant can only be modified 12th March 2024.


The validation of the registration can be carried out the day before the the race, between 2 pm and 8 pm and on the day of the competition between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. The location of the validation is the race centre, the cultural centre of Suncuius.

Technical briefing

The race orientation takes place on Friday, at 8 pm and on Saturday, at 7:30 am, right before the start.


Mandatory equipment:

  • race bib, that has to be visible during the whole race
  • running bottle with a minimum of 0,5L of water at the start line
  • trail running shoes with adequate sole
  • food (at least two energy bars or gels)
  • backpack or at least running-belt
  • in case of bad weather: waterproof rain jacket with hood, rain pants, long sleeved shirt, hat or neck gaiter, gloves


Recommended equipment

  • tracking pole, which use is forbidden in the first round, for SAFETY reasons!
  • telephone
  • survival blanket
  • cups of your own, in case your water bottle is hard to fill

Mandatory equipment can be checked in the start area and at the check points. The lack of any items of the mandatory equipement will result in a a penalty of 10 minutes. (Please note, that this is an extreme mountain trail race and you should cross the creek several times.)


  Marathon Cross Wild
Start 8:00 9:20 9:30
Cutoff times - - -


Before 30 min at the start you can enter the start area using the check-in gates.

When entering the check-in gates the mandatory equipement is ckecked and the name of the participant is written on the start list. Those who are not on the registration list cannot enter the start area. Those who have a valid registration but are not on the start list will not figure on the result list.

The start area cannot be left after the check-in until the start. 

After the start, the start gate will be open for 10 minutes, so those who did not arrive until 8:00 can depart, but they should announce the organizers. Those departing after this will not be ranked.

Check points and aid stations

There will check points and refreshing points on the track. At the refreshing points water, isotinic drinks and other beverages (e.g. coke) as well as snacks (banana, orange, lemon) will be offered to participants by our volunteers. At the competition we don’t use disposable cups, liquids will be poured directly into the competitor’s water bottle or cup!


Supporters and relatives can support participants verbally, in case they take into consideration the requests of the organizators.

Any help from supperters is penalized by disqualification, exept in case of emergancy, or additional refreshment at refreshing areas.

Participant can support each other at any time with food, beverages, missing equipement of by providing first aid.

Support from any moving or stationary vehicle is forbidden!!!

Time limit

  Marathon Cross Wild
Time limit 9 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Cutoff times - - -


Organizers can disqualify participants who:

  • lost the race bib, modify it or do not wear it on a visible place
  • omit to register at any checkpoint
  • do not stop when asked by orginizers (The race traverses a railroad twice, where participants can be stopped by orginizers and volunteers. If a participant is stopped because of the arrival of a train, the waiting time will be deducted from the finishing time of the participant).
  • do not follow the marked path (e.g. use shortcuts)
  • use any vehicle during the race
  • use any support (exept from firts aid) other than that offered at refreshment points
  • leave garbage or their equipment on the track
  • use dopping
  • do not behave properly (e.g. agressive behaviour) with other participants, orginizers or locals.
  • do not finish within the given time limit

In case of disqualification the registration fee will not be refunded!


Any participant who decides to abandon the race must announce this at the next check point and follow the instructions given by organizers. After the cutoff time one can only stay on the track on their own responsability. In this case organizers cannot guarantee the presence of volunteers or check points. Such participant will be considered an out of competition runner.


The traffic is not stopped during the race so participants might meet vehicles or locals.


There will be a first aid station on the track, where first aid will be provided in case of emergency. Participants will be helped by members of the mountain rescue service.

According to the personal responsibility declaration, organizers do not assume responsability for any accidents or injuries that one suffers at the Primavera Trail Race.


Organizers reserve the right to modify the track of the race due to weather conditions or they can cancel the whole event in case of extreme weather conditions. Any modifications concerning the track will be marked and announced at least on the day prior to the start, at the race orentation.


Would the competition be canceled for any reasons, orgnaizers will use the results measured at the last check point when ranking racers.


By registering to the competition, participants accept that photos and videos can be made about them during the competition. Organizers dispose these photos and videos, and they can give them to third parties.


Any participant can appeal against any other competitor who did not keep the regulations or the instructions of the organizers. Appeals should be made in the race center, at least 15 minutes before the award giving ceremony. The appeal fee is 200 RON. Appeals will be handled within one hour. If the appeal is accepted, appeal fees are refunded.